Ruling Planet : Jupiter

Your Name Number is  3 

Your nature is inspiring, outgoing, optimistic, and expressive more over you are cheerful, positive and charming; your personality affects powerfully others that you can inspire people without effort. You are the person with creativity. Your verbal skills will help you into the fields of writing, comedy, drama and music. You have a rich imaginary power and spirit. But you have to be careful not to scatter your talents.

Try to avoid becoming a “happy- go-lucky” spendthrift, escaping responsibility and commitment. You must learn to concentrate and focus. These are the ways to get success. You have the potential to solve the problems . Capacity of Hard working and focus to your success, are the foundation for a successful future. Though you have a great verbal skills, your mind tends to see life as pictures rather than in words.

Yet, you have the capacity to think abstractly, creativity is a sensitive faculty that is often suppressed in childhood. If you lack the confidence to pursue your ideas, you may divert your abilities into a scattering of trivial pursuits. To overcome the problem of lack of confidence, you must make a choice. You have to limit your field of vision and the number of activities you are in, and gather your energies into a single faith. Choose the path , that you love the most, and commit. In this way you will find success and endless happiness.

You are all times appreciated by your friends and admirer . Love, romance, and money are within your reach .You will get help from many a people at the time of troubles. You are very independent and social.

On the back -side, you can be, moody, superficial , and intolerant. You are emotional and sensitive,. You love to gossip and also little bit jealous… Be ambitious step by step you will surely reach to your fortune and will make yourself a confident and successful man.

Your Birth Day or Psychic Number is  3

You are a highly- creative talented person. You have an artistic view .You have the excellent capacity in writing and performing arts. You may consider taking up art as a hobby.You are the person of highly imaginary power, it’s a gift of god.You are a verymuch enthusiastic person and also very charming.Your dressing sense is very impressive and also your sense of decorating your home is very nice. You have a very good sense of planting and flower arranging.

Your Life Path or Destiny Number is  3

You will get Life Path (sometimes called Destiny no) from your birth date. Your Life path is the r way you are traveling. It reveals the opportunities and challenges you will face in life.

Many writers, poets, actors and musicians are born under the 3 Life Path. You have talent of unique creativity and self expression. Your artistic ability can be developed, however, through discipline and commitment to the true development of your talent be the life of the party, and the center of attention.You have super power of overcoming of obstacles. You have the attitude of “Happy go Lucky”- this attitude inspires people.

You are emotional , generous and vulnerable. When hurt, you become silent, eventually with jokes and laughter you cover up your true feelings. You can become moody and very much sensitive when depressed . Positively, your talent for self expression can be a great inspiration force in the world, inspiring others, and bringing much success and happiness to you.

Friendly Numbers:     1, 2, 3, 9

Enemy Numbers:     5, 6

Day:    Thusday

Color:     yellow

Gem:     Yellow sapphire or topaz

Metal:     gold

Body Chemistry:      Balanced

Karmic Lesson:       Selfless service

Best suited professions:       Scholars, professors, bankers, scientists, business executives, actors

Compatible numbers for :

Business: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9