Ruling Planet : Saturn

Your Name Number is  8

You are very energetic and efficient. You have the potential to achieve great things. It is both your challenge and your birthright to gain dominion over a small part of the earth. You love to accept the big challenges, and know how to marshal your collective resources to address the problems. You are very responsible person, it is best for you to leave many of the details to others. Whatever your enterprise, you strive to be the best and most successful in your field. You are a great leader of people and an outstanding judge of character . You don’t hesitate to reward the faithful and hardworking employee. You are not a particularly tolerant leader; too much tolerance violates your sense of efficiency. You love to go directly after your motives , with courage with outstanding tenacity You enjoy challenges and rivalry. Money and power are available to you if you are willing to discipline yourself – generally an inborn talent – and persevere in the face of the considerable obstacles in your path. You are a realist and a visionary planner and person of huge courage.

You have the power to struggle consistently after your goal and have a natural understanding of money, authority, and power. Your challenge in life is to balance your higher ideals and your understanding of the hard realities of the earth. Before reaching the level of success you desire , many ups and downs will come and you have to face. Sometimes life will provide you a very tough situations with many a obstacles But in reality, these are merely opportunities for you to learn how to use power and authority in the face of difficulties, and to find out just how much power lies within you. It is crucial for your success that you balance the material and the spiritual. Your life path is like a balancing machine, between giving and taking, reward and punishment, action and reaction. Despite the obstacles on your path, you are a true survivor. When focused exclusively on your desire for results and success, you can become stubborn . You have to be very much careful of your alcohol consumption, a danger-zone for you. You can be a social drinker, mixing business with pleasure – a dangerous cocktail . Use these gifts for the good of mankind and accept your own good fortune with gratitude. This is your rewarding stage in your evolution and yours is a life time of harvest. You can be an excellent manager, organizer and administrator you have talents in many areas of life. Entrepreneurs, executives, bankers, brokers, negotiators, gamblers, coaches, collectors, heads of institutions, builders, art dealers, manufacturers, promoters, military officers, police detectives, smugglers, engineers, pilots or sea captains.

Your Birth Day or Psychic Number is 8

You can b a talented businessman, and you have a a good sense of money. Your approach to business is original, creative and daring. You have sound judgment and need the freedom to exercise it, lest you become bitter and tyrannical elsewhere in your life.Don’t go for any partnerships if possible. You are highly competitive and close partnerships – especially when power is divided equally – can lead you to indulge in intrigues and manipulation.You are a very efficient person and have the potential to handle any kind of project, in the same way you are very nice organizer.You are a very respectful person to others and all appreciate your judgement. You are a realist, self-confident, practical, ambitious and goal-oriented.

You are very challenging person . The expectations of others stimulate you, especially if they doubt you can pull it off. You tend to be dramatic with money. You are proud of your family and like to be complemented by them . You have strong character, but may little bit dominating and bossy.

Just an advise,that you must develop the qualities of perseverance and survival. You will meet many obstacles, which must be viewed as challenges that in fact make you stronger. Your attitude toward the difficulties in life will be the difference between success and failure.

Your Life Path or Destiny Number is 8

Your Life Path (sometimes called Destiny) is derived from your birth date. Your Life path is the road you are traveling. It reveals the opportunities and challenges you will face in life. Your Life Path number is the single most important information available in your Personality Chart! Those born with the Number 8 Life Path who do not understand the real and relative value of money are bound to suffer the consequences of greed; they run the risk of loosing it all.You will get lessons from the failures and defaults. You are gifted with natural leadership and the capacity to accumulate great wealth.You are a very good manager in every situations of life, especially in business and financial matters . You attract financial success more than any other Life Path, but effort is required and you have to learn to bounce back from failures and defeats.

Though you face may types of obstracles and financial failure, you have the talent and the sheer guts to make more than one fortune, and build many successful enterprises. You are a true survivor. More than most people, your failures in marriage can be extremely expensive for you. Despite the difficulties that life presents, you will experience the satisfaction that comes from material wealth and the power that comes with it. Business, finance, real estate, law, science (particularly history, archeology, and physics), publishing, and the management of large institutions are among the vocational fields that suit you best. You are naturally attracted to positions of influence and leadership – Politics, social work, and teaching are among the many other areas where your abilities can shine. Be careful of becoming stubborn, intolerant, overbearing, and impatient. These characteristics may be born early in the life of an 8 Life Path, who often learn these negative traits after suffering under a tyrannical parent or a family burdened by repressive religious or intellectual dogmas. Those with the 8 Life Path usually possess a strong physique, which is a symptom of their inherent strength and resiliency . You are a good judge of character, which aids you well in attracting the right people to you.

You are cheerful in nature and you are not demonstrative in showing your love and affection. Your Life Path treads that dangerous ground where power lies – and can corrupt. This leads inevitably to isolation and conflict. The people you run the risk of hurting most are those you love, your family and friends. You may become too selfish, arrogant, thinking that your way is the only way. This leads inevitably to isolation and conflict.

Friendly Numbers: 4, 5, 6

Enemy Numbers: 1, 2, 9

Day:    saturday

Color:     black

Gem:     Blue sapphire, Amethist

Metal:     iron

Body Chemistry:    Air (Vata)

Karmic Lesson:    Kindness, Forgiveness

Best suited professions:     Public servants or executives

Compatible numbers for :

Business:    1, 2, 8